Commercial Lighting


Michael's Lighting & Electric knows the importance of a well lit work area. Proper area illumination helps promote safety and influences personal health, motivation and performance. 

Safety in the workplace is one of the biggest concerns for any business owner. Not only do the aesthetics of how the lighting is incorporated into the building but the impact it has on the workers, and in turn the business, has to be taken into consideration when illuminating a work area. The most obvious reason for high quality lighting is how properly illuminated areas can eliminate workplace accidents. The better lit an area is, the safer it is, and if all workers can clearly see hazards the easier it is for them to be avoided. 

As well as the obvious safety issues concerning the lighting systems used inside of your workplace there are other factors to consider. Productivity and health effects, unnecessary fatigue and eyestrain can all be contributed to poor workplace illumination.

Contact Michael's Lighting & Electric today to enhance the safety and productivity of your workplace. Ask about our commercial lighting maintenance program and how we can keep your facility illuminated inside and out!